New Japanese-Style Biscuits Have Arrived!!

Newly arrived Japanese-style Biscuits !!!😻 Come in three flavors with very discounted prices.!! Only 300 Yen/ packet !! ・"Mikan" Mandarin orange, ・"Petit Petit no Mi" Buckwheat and finally ・"Matcha" which means Green Tea flavors Don't miss the chance to try the authentic "MADE IN JAPAN" Biscuits!! ((HALAL))

Please welcome our new staffs !!

Please welcome our new staffs !! "Ross" and "Sugar", a cute couple from Belgium. Loving birds protecting each other all the time. "Tiny" which only weights (86g) with very soft feathers. This is the typical weight for the Belgians Eurasian Scops-owl. "Gaba" is a newly-born Northern White-faced owl from Kenya. The spoiled baby of the family with fluffy feathers that makes it a circle in shape.